What is this website?

HardwareHacks is a hobbyist website with the intention of sharing all types of projects, code snippets, libraries, reviews and all things electronic. We have experience in building with Arduino's and RaspberryPi's, everything from simple data loggers to robotics. We hope you find this website useful.

Can I submit?

Whilst the website is mainly for us to write articles on and contribute, we do welcome articles and project information from the public. Please use the contact us form to send us your project info! Please note we will not publish everything everyone submits, we will however let you know if we use any of your project/articles on the website.


About Us

We're from the UK, England and we are interested in all sorts of electronics, from basic control systems to robotic projects. We are hobbyists, not professionals - So if you do spot any obviously mistakes with any of our information please do let us know!, we're only human after all.