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May 7, 2016
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May 8, 2016
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Programming the Arduino with Visual Studio

One of the best things we’ve found this year is being able to program the Arduino with Microsoft Visual Studio. We love the Visual Studio IDE as we’re used to developing C and many .NET applications.


You can download the Visual Studio Arduino Extension by clicking here.

All we needed to do was just open the extension with Visual Studio and it asked for some basic settings, make sure you have firstly installed the official Arduino IDE, as it will require the path to it. After you have set these parameters, you can now go New Project > Visual C++ and Arduino Project.

You’ll see that it has all the features of the Arduino IDE, inside of Visual Studio. You can choose the board to compile for at the top, as well as a programmer and COM port. Remember that instead of Verify, inside Visual Studio this will be called Build.

‘Add Library’ is also available at the top to include all of the packaged Arduino libraries and libraries that you have installed yourself.

This should make developing larger Arduino applications much easier to manage, as with Visual Studio you can see everything from the solution explorer.

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